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Leasing a Salon Suite vs. Working for a Salon

You're a Beauty Professional.

You've invested time, money & energy (not to mention your blood, sweat and tears!) in learning, practicing and perfecting your craft.

Maybe you already have a large following.

Maybe you're working on building your clientele.

Maybe you're just starting & seeking out your first clients.

So the question is ... do you go to work for a salon, a spa, a barbershop, etc? Or do you lease your own space and start your own business?

Most beauty pros working as employees of a salon, spa, barbershop etc. are paid either hourly, commission or sometimes, if you’re lucky, both. And in most cases, you aren’t responsible for purchasing your own supplies.

... BUT, that $250 Balayage, cut & style you just SLAYED, or that $550 Microblading Service your client can NOT stop raving about is going STRAIGHT into your boss’ pocket... not yours. Sure, you’ll probably get the tip (which you may have to give a percentage of to the shampoo girl) & maybe you’ll make a cut of it on commission.. and sometime you’re just making whatever it is you make hourly, regardless of how long it took, the necessary skills etc.

And for some, that works. It’s safe. You’ll get paid either way, you don’t have to worry about finding your own clients, or marketing yourself, or paying for your own space or supplies.

But what about the Beauty Pros who want MORE? Who KNOW the talent and skills they have they worked HARD for? Who KNOW they can HUSTLE & they’re HUNGRY? Who aren’t ok with putting all the money they EARNED using that talent and those skills they worked HARD for in someone else’s pocket?

They’re the business owners. They’re the bosses. Their OWN bosses.

They should be leasing a space and running their own business.

And it may not be easy. But those Beauty Pros aren’t looking for easy. Or safe. They’re ok with taking a risk in order to maximize their earning potential.

When you lease a Salon Suite, you’re paying a flat rate, each week, which includes your space, your utilties, and all your essential furnishings- a stylist chair, a shampoo chair/sink, a dryer, a massage table, a manicure table, or whatever it may be that’s necessary to perform your service.

You’re responsible for your own supplies & building your own clientele.

You set your own schedule. You book your own clients. You run your own business.

And that’s IT. You pay rent each week for a fully furnished suite, you buy your own supplies, you run your business and you keep 100% OF YOUR PROFIT.

So there it is.

You can work at a salon, be safe, collect your paycheck each week & go home.

Or you can take a risk, build your own business, maximize your earning potential, be your own boss, & lease a Salon Suite.

That’s up to you!

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